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Let's get down to basics! A three class series for first timers to Black Rose designed to ease you in to how we do things. 


Our classic hour long training that can be anything from olympic lifting to metabolic conditioning, strength and mobility training, powerlifting and more.

"Warriors, come out to play..."

WOD SQUAD membership also grants access to HIIT SQUAD classes and OPEN GYM sessions.


HiiT squad

HiiT it and quit it. A half an hour, full body speed and interval training class featuring a TABATA format (quick bursts of work and short rests). 

"I feel the need... The need for speed!"

HIIT SQUAD membership also grants access to OPEN GYM sessions.

For the health and safety of our crew, we require proof of COVID-19 vaccine and booster to train with us without wearing a mask.

Our gym’s scheduling and membership is handled exclusively through MindBody.

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