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HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training is our fast-paced 30-minute full-body class designed to challenge people of all ability levels while fitting into everyone’s hectic life. This class will be focused on utilizing your body weight first and foremost, with occasional weights and equipment added in to challenge you and build your strength.

HIIT+: Similar to our HIIT class, this format incorporates High-Intensity Interval Training via circuits but also includes a beat-based group warmup and stretch, as well as a breath-based cool-down at the end to round out a 1-hour session. The playlists are designed to give you the opportunity to match your movement and breath to the beat of the music, if you so choose!

strength & 

Our all-levels strength training and metabolic conditioning class incorporates a variety of disciplines (Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, gymnastics, powerlifting, sprints, agility work, etc.) to safely build your comfort and technique with the equipment while dramatically increasing your strength and stamina in the process.


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This all levels class will keep you moving, linking breath with sequences of sun salutes and other postures creating a beautifully, sometimes sweaty, yoga experience. There are modifications given so every body, age, and ability level is welcome! This class is the perfect way to restore your body after hard work outs! We will work on lengthening & strengthening. Let’s enjoy how we FEEL in this class rather than how we look, all while practicing safe alignment.


In the west, classes called Hatha are usually paced slightly slower than a traditional flow, staying in shapes for 2-3 breaths per movement, sometimes longer. Vigorous and satisfying, this class gets us straight into our bodies and breath, as well as providing other valuable benefits such as increasing stamina, balance, flexibility, and recovery time. Hatha is traditionally translated as cultivating energy through conscious movement of the body, or ‘force,’ so while it might be slower than a traditional ‘Vinyasa Flow,’ we will still feel the work happening. Focused on a balance of effort and ease, this is an excellent class for students of all levels.

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Restorative Yoga, similar to Yin Yoga, is a slower-paced, relaxation-oriented offering, with supported poses held for more time. This practice is excellent for slowing down and tending to the nervous system, allowing space to breathe and be. This class will support BRFS members with targeted stretching of major muscle groups and support muscles, building breath and body awareness, improving balance and control, and up-leveling form and recovery.



5,6,7,8! An all levels class designed to expose you to different types of jazz dance. Fosse, Broadway, Contemporary Jazz, Burlesque and much, much, much more! Routines are done 3-4 weeks so students have time to find their feet, refine their skills and express themselves.

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This all levels class is designed to get you into your body and your full sensual expression! Pulling in influences from burlesque, cabaret, jazz, go-go dancing and more, you’ll learn choreography set to songs that transport you from your everyday life into your own sexy showcase. Heels are optional, but knee pads are highly suggested for floor work.


3.2.1. Let’s Jam! You want to learn to dance in a low stress but hype environment? We’re here to get down, sweat and have a blast. In this class you’ll learn a high energy, simple routine every week and do it to a bunch of different songs.

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