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  • Booking into class: To register for a class, you must have paid classes or a membership on your account. For instructions on how to create an account, purchase classes, and book in register in advance for class to secure your spot, please see the How to Book page. 

  • What to wear: Depending on the class, you might choose to wear different attire (you can find any specific recommendations in each class description). Generally, athletic attire and clean gym shoes are great for any of the workout classes, and dance attire including your preference in clean footwear (e.g. heels for Burlesque/Cabaret class if you’d like, jazz shoes for jazz class if that’s your thing, etc.). No specific footwear is required for our dance classes. We appreciate your help in keeping our space clean for everyone by not wearing outside shoes for classes, and taking care of any personal hygiene as needed. 

  • Our space: There are cubbies at the front of the gym where you get place your belongings while you’re in class. There’s one restroom on site should you need to use it or change your clothes!


  • Be mindful of other classes: As you enter the gym, there may be other classes happening. Please be patient and stay behind the front desk to allow the current class to complete before making your way into the gym. 

  • Check-in: Be sure to check in at the front desk to make sure you’re signed in for class and sign the gym waiver if you haven’t already. 

  • Get situated: Place your belongings in a cubby so they are out of the way for class, and we’ll let you know when it’s time to make your way in for class!

in the gym

  • Etiquette: We created this space to cultivate kindness, positivity, and good energy. Please treat your fellow classmates and the Black Rose team members with the respect you’d like to be given. The Black Rose team is there to guide you and keep you safe, so please follow any and all instructions they give you while you’re at the gym. Please keep cell phones tucked away in the cubbies with your personal belongings during class (unless you’ve cleared it with the instructor that you’ll need to check it occasionally for any emergency situations). 

  • Have fun: We are here to sweat, grow, laugh and have a good time! Community is as much a part of our mission as fitness is, so we can’t wait to welcome you to the Black Rose Crew!

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