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  • All of our scheduling and payment processing is done through Mindbody. If you’re getting set up for the first time, we highly recommend using the desktop version to create your account and purchasing your first class(es). After that, you can download the Mindbody app and book into classes from there easily! 

  • Using the desktop version of Mindbody, create an account for Black Rose Fitness Society. If you already use Mindbody for other fitness spaces, we recommend using the same email so that all your spaces/studios/gyms show up under the same account in your Mindbody app. 

  • To register for a class, you must have paid classes or a membership on your account. Purchase the class or membership that best suits your wants and needs (feel free to email us if you have questions about what would be right for you). 

  • Visit the schedule page either on the desktop version of Mindbody or the app to book the class of your choice!

class registration + cancellation policy

  • The registration period ends two hours before the class begins, and the cancellations period also ends two hours before the class starts as well (for more on our gym policies, click here). You can check your personal schedule and registrations via your account at any time.


  • If a class has a waitlist, we encourage you to hop on it! As others cancel their registrations, spots in the class will automatically open and an e-mail will be sent to the next person in line on the waitlist.

  • If you’re emailed and can’t make it, be sure to cancel online or email us before the class begins.

  • If you sign up for the waitlist, your registration will be treated the same as if you were to sign up for the class. As in, if you don't cancel your waitlist spot and make it into class from the waitlist, we expect to see you! If you're placed into class from the waitlist more than 2 hours prior to class and do not attend, you will forfeit that class on your account. If you are placed into class from the waitlist less than 2 hours before class and are unable to make it, you will need to email us to not have it forfeited from your account.

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